Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Blogging LOVE/HATE relationship

I have decided I like the whole blog-is-phere. It is fun to post, if I only had more time to add more pictures. Or even take more pictures. Whole other blog for another time. So the bottom line is that I like having a creative outlet, a hobby that is my own, etc. But sometime this stupid thing makes me feel like I should be taking the short bus to school. For all of you have private blogs and sent me invitations, I can't get in. I thought it could be the computer, so I tried a different computer, I have tried others invitations, opened a different browser, copied the link in, (I mean I was a support tech for years) but NOTHING. Urrrrgggghhhh. I don't have enough time to trouble shoot it. So sorry for all my private friends but I will just have to see you on Facebook instead.



Cori said...

So glad to see you have joined the world of blogging! Those girls are absolutely adorable!

Aly said...

Hey Greta and Tom! Welcome to the blogging world. I started blogging a few months ago. If you want to check out our blog it's

Kelly P said...

Greta - for your private blogs, are you having people sending your invite to the email address you use for blogger??? Like a gmail address? Or your hotmail address? I'm no computer tech - but that might be the problem??!!

Lorilee said...

I LOVE your new background.