Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks Aunt Teri!

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. We have been recovering from our crazy week. I have been working from home so any spare time was on the computer but not for fun. I have finally got my project done and feel like I am getting back into our real life again.

After our week of sickness, I opened the door to find a package from Tom's sister. Inside were our favorite cookies ever.....Teri's homemade sugar cookies. They came in a "frost it yourself" kit. Even though Audrey was asleep, we decided to introduce Ella to the cookies. She loved frosting them and loved holding the candy. (She didn't eat either the cookie or the candy... I wonder if she just thought they were a craft project, but she enjoyed frosting anyway.)

The next day we decided to let both girls frost cookies. Audrey just wanted to eat the cookies though. The dogs were waiting in case anything got dropped on the floor. Those dogs are smart. They know which kid to hang around for scraps.

It made me think I should probably make cookies more often. But I just don't have Teri's touch. Thanks again Teri and Wes! We love you guys and miss you.

Monday, February 16, 2009


My blog isn't showing my posts to me so I thought if I tried to add a new post I would see if it would "reset". Sorry, it is the computer techie in me trying to figure out how to troubleshoot here.

P.S. Ha Ha, it worked. This is why I am great at my job.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh what a week....

I still have last week to catch up on before I start on this week. Tom's parents were here and we enjoyed every minute of them. On Tuesday it started snowing. We ended up with several inches. Tom took these while it was snowing that night.

The next morning we let the girls look out the window as we were getting breakfast ready and told them we could bundle up and go outside. Grandma stuck her hand out the door and scooped up some snow in her hand to let the girls touch it. Audrey kept grunting at it and Ella ran away from it saying "I's scared". Gramps went out and made a snowball and Audrey finally touched that, but no go with Ella. Daisy ended up eating the snowball. This should have prepared me for what outside would be like. All I have to say is these girls are DEFINITELY mine. We all hate the cold.

It had pretty much melted by the next day. Tom's mom helped us re-docorate the living room. I wish I had before and after pictures, but after you hear about this week, maybe you'll be more forgiving of my lack of pictures. Saturday night we had a going away party for the Knoops. They have been some of our best friends out here and are moving back to NM. We are excited for them but hate to see them go.
Here we are at the top, then Paige and Curtis with Calla, then Travis and Stephanie and Sabey.
Tom's parents left on Sunday afternoon and our crazy work week began. First of all, I knew this was going to be a long tough week. I was training 3 new offices with new installs. Those always take a lot of time and effort. I knew they would be long hours. On Monday I got a call from Cassie that Audrey was throwing up. Tom was about an hour away, but closer then me so he went to get them. Cassie's husband Shawn was home and suggested they give her a blessing so he and Tom gave her a blessing that night. Tom stayed home on Tuesday with them while I was doing another new office training. I was there Tues-Thurs. Again these are usually 10-12 hour days with the commute. The girls did great for Tom, no sickness or anything. On Thursday the office was doing surprisingly well, which is good because I got a call about 2 that Ella was throwing up and it was pretty bad. I hurried and left to get her. I got her home and she was puking about every 15-20 mins. By 6pm I was getting worried. She wasn't keeping ice chips down. The doctors office told me to try 5 cc of Pedialyte every 10 mins and she wasn't keeping that down. What scared me the most was how lethargic she was. Paige came to look at her and told us to take her to the Pediatric ER. Tom and Curtis gave her a blessing before we left. By this time it was abot 7:30, so I called our friend and neighbor Sherri and she came to watch Audrey so she could sleep in her own bed. Tom and I took Ella in and they finally saw us at about 11:30. She was definitely dehydrated. They hooked her up to an IV and started pumping her full of fluids and Zofran to keep her from being nausous. Curtis came to get me from the hospital about 1:30 because I had to work the next day and be up by 5:00. Tom got home with Ella about 4. He stayed home again Friday with them. I went up to my training, got done fairly quickly and another trainer stayed with them and I left early. I also had to go to the office on Saturday, yep Valentine's. I was there most of the day doing cleanup on their data. I got home about 5 and started feeling sick. We were suppose to have a date night, but that was cancelled with all the sickness. So Valentine's night I spent in bed with a bucket next to me and Tom in the spare room so he didn't get sick. Tom made me this great dinner and I couldn't even touch it.
One thing about this week is that Tom really stepped up and was a wonderful dad. He took such good care of the girls. As stressful as the week already was, it could have been much more stressful without his calm composed attitude. I appreciate him so much. I also have such an appreciation for friends. I have been reading my friend Erica's blog and it breaks my heart that she is away from her family and she has NO ONE that helps her in her desperate situations. I am just so so grateful that we do have wonderful friends, neighbors and ward members that have been another family to us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gettin' Away With Murder

Grandma and Gramps are here this week and my kids are living it up. (Pictures to follow in a later post)It is 9:30 and they are both still awake. Ella has been going to bed at 10:30-11:00 everynight, by being rocked by Grandma. They both nap when they want. Life is going to be rough next week when it is back to reality, PLUS I am working 6 days next week, yep, Monday-Saturday. Hope they get it all in while they can. It is nice to be spoiled at times. (I secretly love all the giggling.) Audrey has been saying new words almost every day so it is fun that Tom's parent's are here to enjoy it. We LOVE Grandma and Gramps' visits!!!