Monday, February 28, 2011

Giving Up

I try to think that I am not a Quitter. I am more of a Never Starter , especially if I think I won't follow through on something. But I am losing the passion for blogging. Mostly because I am so behind. Notice no Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, fun playdates? The winter months are my busiest for work and I don't have time to do much. Now that I have time it is hard for me to want to blog when it is 80 degrees outside. (Yes, it is February and 80!) So I am really going to make an effort to sit and write out my blogs for the last few months. Be patient with me and hopefully someday I will be caught up.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I know I haven't blogged in a while and need to do a major catchup but I thought I would quickly blog this before I forgot.

Today Ella and Audrey had a Valentine's Party at school and later swapped Valentine's with a friend. The friend (who I will not name to protect the innocent) gave the girls Valentine's with tattoos. I am not the biggest fan of the temporary tattoos, but the girls really wanted to put them on. Ella decided to do it while I was fixing dinner and didn't know the directions, so she soaked her hand, then stuck on the tattoo. Well, you are suppose to have a dry hand and wet the paper. I tried to help her fix it but half of the Barbie dress was completely messed up. In true Ella fashion, she had a meltdown because it didn't turn out like she was hoping or planning. She literally cried for a half an hour......straight.

So Dear Ella, let this be a lesson to you when you are older and are thinking that maybe a real tattoo is the way to go. If it messes up, which is very likely, you can't wash it off. And you might be crying for longer then a half hour. Love you, Mom