Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have a Thanksgiving tradition since living in NC, to get pictures with Travis and Stephanie at Metrolina Greenhouse in their poinsettias. With kids our age, we don't have high expectations. The sun was in just the wrong place so all the pictures have shadows, but just imagine miles and miles of poinsettias. Metrolina grows for all the Lowes on the eastern seaboard, so if you want a beautiful poinsettia, head to Lowes.
I would be totally ungrateful if I didn't mention some of the things I was thankful for today.
1. My amazing husband. One word - WOW!
2. Two wonderful kids that make me laugh (and groan) every single day.
3. In-laws that never cease to surprise me. Think of every terrible in-law story you have every heard and mine are just the opposite.
4. A fun job, with the best co-worker ever.....Tom. (Technically he is my co-worker in BOTH my jobs.)
5. A beautiful home in a great neighborhood.
6. Super neighbors.
7. Friends who I am close enough to rely on for everything from help with my kids, to advise, and just an ear to listen to my complaining.
8. Finding old friends on FB and the blog.
9. Dinner at home. Tom and I BOTH love to cook.
10. Most of all I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. As Thanksgiving Day closes and the Christmas holiday begins, I hope we can remember the true reason for the season.