Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sharing Means.....Time Out

Although I don't work full time, I still do work.....usually 2 or 3 days a week. Ella and Audrey are watched by a wonderful woman in my ward. She has a daughter, Madison, that is just older then Ella and she recently started watching a little boy just a couple months older then Audrey. Ella and Madison are both still trying to work on the whole sharing concept. It is pretty common when I pick Ella up and ask her if she was a good girl she says "Ella Time Out. Madison Time Out." As soon as she knows she is doing or has done something wrong, she will come up and tell me "Ella Time Out". So Tom and I have been trying to work with her. Today while making dinner we were all in the kitchen and Tom asked Ella if she shared today. She promptly replied "YES!". Then Tom asked "Do you know what sharing means?" She quickly answered "Time Out"

PS.Self portrait


Amy Joy said...

YEAH! I am your newest follower! I was so happy to find you. When I found Tara I thought of you. You have a beautiful family.
Amy Stewart Walker:)

Andrea said...

Greta...I am SO glad you found me! I have been thinking a lot about you. Living in Charlotte huh? What took you there? You hav esuch a CUTE family! I have to say...I LOVE having a girl! She is SO much fun! Thanks for the comment and I look forward to staying caught up with your life!

Jake and Nicole said...

Rhiana told me about your blog! Cute girls! I will be checking back, I hope that's ok!

Marie said...

LOL Does sharing get any easier? I'm starting to have to put toys on time out when Ryan and Sofie start screaming because neither one can live without it. ;^)