Saturday, May 30, 2009

Controversial Topic

I have been thinking a lot lately about California's Proposition 8 due to the Cal Supreme Court upholding marriage between a man and a woman. Lots of celebrities have been voicing their opinions on TV about this. I am not one to really get political on my blog. I write this blog really as a journal and record for my girls to be able to come back to later. I wish I would have had something like this from MY mom to come back and read. I decided that I want to let me girls know how I feel about this so they can hear MY opinion and not some celebrity or some religious advocate's idea on the subject. I am warning you, I am an equal opportunity offender and I am sure I am going to offend most of my friends no matter which position you hold. Feel free to stop reading now. Also, I really would appreciate if you didn't try to argue your side with me on the comments section. (You can comment all you want, just don't try to argue your position please.) I already know my position. Ella and Audrey, I want you to know that God loves everyone single person on earth. He has given us free agency which is the greatest gifts he could possibly give us. Our church believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. I completely agree with this. Now, we have family members and friends that may have parnters that are their same sex. Although it is not something our church advocates, that in no way means that we do not love them. That is where free agency comes in. We can love the sinner without loving the sin. I love our family and friends that are gay. I can love their partners as well. I can see why they feel there is an injustice that they can't marry. My problem lies not necessarily with a marriage between two partners, but the other complications that open up from that. If partners were to be allowed to marry, then what would happen if they wanted to marry in a church that didn't agree with same sex marriage. This would open a whole ground for litigation against not only our own church but so many other churches as well. It would also make for a difficult matter with temples. (For more information on our temples and how we believe, click HERE) I think if Prop 8 had failed or been overturned then it leaves too many unanswered problems for churches like ours that are against same sex marriage. It leaves no protection for our beliefs. This isn't a personal attack on any one group or person. Remember Ella and Audrey that we need to love everyone whether they have our same beliefs or not and that we can respect those beliefs without agreeing with them. It may seem hard at times and many adults have not been able to grasp that, but I hope I can instill the tools so that you can.


Nikki said...

Very well said Greta! Your a good Mom!

Mandy and Jason said...

I'm a blog stalker... and just wanted to say that I appreciated your opinion, and how you shared that with your daughters. I'm sure they will be happy to have this record from you to read in the future. Very well put!

Erica said...

I loved what you said. Beautifully spoken.

Janelle said...

You said it perfectly...I feel the same way.

I am doing well, thank you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness to me!