Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vegas Trip

I know I know I am super behind in the whole blogging arena. I have been meaning to blog about my trip for a while, but the camera with all the pictures as in Tom's work bag which has bee with him pretty constantly. But I finally pulled it out so. The pictures aren't the best. I used our very old digital camera, but it was better then bringing the huge nice one andtrying to juggle that, a diaper bag and both kids.

My dad picked us up from the airport and let us use his car while we were there. He and Julie left for Orlando the next day, so we visited with them for a little bit, then headed off to meet the Gainey's and Erik and Shelly for dinner at El Torito. YUM! I miss real Mexican food so much. It was fun meeting Lacey's husband and just seeing all my family. Ella was hamming it up.

The girls and I were able to go to dinner on Sunday at my Aunt Arlene and Uncle Ted's and see all my Waters family there. Ofcourse I didn't have my camera on me. My girls had so much fun with their cousins. Whitney and Kenzie were definitely favorites. Tara and I met for lunch at the park with our kids. Of course, camera-less again. Afterwards, I went by the Gainey's and the girls had so much fun with the Gainey kids. The girls even started warming up to Zack after lots of coaxing. Tonya gave the girls Teddy bears (not these huge ones, but ones that they could actually carry around and we could easily pack home.) The girls are still carrying them all over the place.

Grandma and Gramps drove down to watch the girls while I was attending my conference. The girls just love their grandparents. We were staying at this great timeshare. We had lots of space and Grandma bought an entire suitcase of toys. Audrey got sick the first night Grandma and Gramps were there. My days after that were filled with work. Tom's parents are miracle workers and entertained the girls all day.
We met Erik, Shelly and India one night for dinner at Metro Pizza. If it looks like I have a fake smile on, well, I DID!! The girls were out of control that night. We were seated right by the kitchen entrance with a small space behind me where all the waiters were walking by us. That is not the best location for a family with 2 toddlers. Ella and Audrey kept wanting to dance right where the waiters were coming out.
On Friday I got to meet with all my Henderson Friends. We met at Mission Hills Park. It was so fun to see all my friends and meet their kids. I hadn't seen some of them since high school graduation! We all had our kids, so I didn't get to catch up as much as I would have liked (but thank goodness for blogs that let me know how they are). Instead I was chasing around kids, so that is what most of my pictures are of. You can tell the girls loved playing with India and Kenneth's kids.

That night we stayed with Erik since we were flying out so early. Our plane left at 6am so we had to leave Erik's at 3:30am. Ella and India stayed up until about 10pm watching cartoons together.

After finally falling asleep, I was with Audrey in the room next door and woke up about midnight to Ella screaming. I went in and as soon as I picked her up she started throwing up. We got her cleaned up, and finally back to bed and then was up getting all their laudry washed. The airline couldn't get us on a later flight, so we had to have everything cleaned and packed back up by 3:30. Erik stayed up and made sure everything got into the dryer and finished cleaning. We made it back home without another incident. The girls were great on the airplane and really did a good job travelling. It gives me hope for our next trip coming up next week


Marie said...

I'm glad you and the girls had so much fun! Kenzie and Whitney are so good with kids; Ryan asks to go to Vegas so he can play with them.

Sorry that things were so hectic right at the end, but I'm so glad that the rest of the way home went without a hitch.

The Gaineys said...

It was so fun getting to see you and meeting your cute little girls! Thanks fot taking the time ti visit. I know trips can be so hectic. There never seems to be enough time do do everything ans see everyone.
I'm so impressed you made the trip alone with your girls and all the stuff that comes with traveling with children. You're my hero!!!
Love you!

Jessieksj said...

i can not believe we missed you!! i am so sorry it didnt work out. i still love you to pieces. I guess now we owe you a trip out to your place :)

Tara said...

I'm sad that I missed the big get together at the park {it would've been so fun to see everyone}.

Traveling with kids is always an adventure. I wish I could've spent more time with you and your girls. They are adorable. I can't believe what a character little Ella is and Audrey is adorable. Maybe next time my Audrey {who really does talk all of the time} will open up a bit more. Next time you come you can {hopefully} just stay with us. We are supposed to close on Friday. So keep your fingers crossed {just once please}.

Erica said...

looks so much fun! Wish we were there too!