Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am trying to re-commit to blogging! It is already 1am tonight though, so just not tonight. I am heading to Atlanta area to work for the weekend so with no kids and not much to do at night I am hoping to get an update done. Plus, if I post it on the blog that I am going to update, then I will have to do it right? Really my goal is to have at least one blog a week.

I do have to blog one thing about my cute kids. The girls were taking a bath tonight and Audrey was playing with the bath toys. Audrey was holding up the whale and calling it Mommy and the Hippo and calling it Daddy and then having them chat and kiss. I am think it may be time for Tom and I to head back to the gym.....we need to shed the Hippo and Whale persona. Love you girls!


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

THat story of Audrey is hilarious. And no you are not a whale and a hippo!!! I hope you guys are doing good! I'm about to POP. How's Tom? We love and miss you guys!!

The McKinleys said...

oh that is too funny! we miss you guys...and can't wait to see you at thanksgiving! max can't wait to meet his favorite {great} aunt and uncle either. {is that what you guys are to him?? i have no idea...}

anyways, we love you! we're excited for more updates to come :)

Tara said...

Love the chatting and then kissing. Too cute. Your girls have so much personality, just like their mom! I miss you. We need to talk sometime soon. I'm glad you're recommitting because it seems blogging {sad, but true} is how we keep in touch anymore.