Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

The warm weather has hit the Carolinas. The girls' favorite thing to do is ride bikes right now. The minute we pull into the garage and Ella sees her bike she is ready to hop aboard. Technically the larger bike is Ella's but she won't give her trike up yet. She has gotten really good at riding and thankfully she also listens and stays within two houses on each side of ours when riding. (Which is very good since the trike doesn't have brakes and after two houses the road really slopes in downward!

Ella and Audrey will do just about anything to get to go to the "Sand Park" more commonly known as North Meck Park. They beg to go at least once a week. They did so good after their last dental appointment that I bought them buckets and shovels (thank you Target $1 section!) and we headed to the park.

This past Saturday we had a Stake wide Day of Service. Our ward cleaned up one of the local parks and helped remulch all the tree and flower beds. They were expecting severe thunderstorms so we talked to the girls about how it might rain and asked if they would still be willing to clean in the rain. They were still excited to go rain or shine. So we got the girls some rain boots, pulled out their Dora gloves and princess shovels and headed to the Park. I didn't take any pictures, but one of our friends, Allison did. See her blog here.

The next day the girls wanted to head out to the front yard to pick flowers. They pulled up their boot straps and headed back out!

I couldn't help but post a bunch of these pictures. They are such beauties I had to show them off.


Lorilee said...

Love them and I LOVE the yellow boots.