Monday, April 26, 2010

Zoo Pals

During Spring Break, several families in our church went to the Zoo in Columbia for the day. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far! The girls absolutely love the zoo and they really liked going with friends. I wish I had got a few pictures at the petting zoo portion. They met a baby goat that a zoo keeper was walking on a leash named Cooper. I think the girls could have hung out with Cooper all day.

Looking at all the animals.

Climbing, posing, and playing with friends.

Riding the Merry Go Round. Ella looks scared to death, but she was making her excited scream noises when she is really happy. And a picture of the whole group!

One of the girls friends, Calla, has a bunch of fake snakes. Ella and Audrey have fallen in love with them. So we ended up coming out of the zoo gift shop with a 3 ft plastic snake for Ella, in purple of course. Audrey came away with a 5 ft blue snake. And I am sure I will need to hide them when Tom's parents visit next since Grandma is NOT a snake fan. The girls sure love them though. I thought they would get sick of them but after 3 weeks, the devotion is still going strong.