Saturday, December 11, 2010

Halloween..better late then never

Let the sugar fest begin! The girls kicked off their Halloween festivities by going to a party hosted by our friends Allie and Jennifer. The girls were so excited to finally dress up and spend the morning with their friends. Audrey has a Snow White costume, but wanted to wear the witch costume Ella got for her birthday instead. Check out the cool black and white striped tights!

The kids started out by making creepy hands (clear gloves with a candy corn in each finger and filled with popcorn)

They moved on to decorating sugar cookies. My MIL and SIL made a ton of these while they were visiting and so it was good to share all the delicious-ness....and calories with others. some of the kids had already finished their cookies before others had started to decorate.

Then the kids played Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin. Audrey wasn't so sure about being blindfolded, but after all the other kids were done, she snuck over and put her nose on.

The kids, especially the girls loved checking out each others costumes and dancing around.

Playing another game where Allie was hiding something they needed to find. They looked so small lined against the window.

Hearing a spooky Halloween story.
Ella and Audrey got a goody bag from the party that included Vampire Fangs. I think they were in heaven.
The girls also had Halloween parties at school, but I didn't get any pictures of that. Sorry.
The next party on the agenda was the Ward Trunk or Treat. Everyone decks out their cars and so it was a lot of fun for the kids. They think it is so cool that they know everyone and all they have to do is ask and they get candy.

We let the girls dress up to hand candy out on Halloween. Since Audrey refused to wear her Snow White costume, Ella decided to put it to use. They love love love Halloween and wish it was every week. They are still asking me when they get to go trick or treating again, although Santa is starting to grab their attention more and more.

We sure love these munchkins!!