Thursday, February 10, 2011


I know I haven't blogged in a while and need to do a major catchup but I thought I would quickly blog this before I forgot.

Today Ella and Audrey had a Valentine's Party at school and later swapped Valentine's with a friend. The friend (who I will not name to protect the innocent) gave the girls Valentine's with tattoos. I am not the biggest fan of the temporary tattoos, but the girls really wanted to put them on. Ella decided to do it while I was fixing dinner and didn't know the directions, so she soaked her hand, then stuck on the tattoo. Well, you are suppose to have a dry hand and wet the paper. I tried to help her fix it but half of the Barbie dress was completely messed up. In true Ella fashion, she had a meltdown because it didn't turn out like she was hoping or planning. She literally cried for a half an hour......straight.

So Dear Ella, let this be a lesson to you when you are older and are thinking that maybe a real tattoo is the way to go. If it messes up, which is very likely, you can't wash it off. And you might be crying for longer then a half hour. Love you, Mom


Jordan said...

"Ella" fashion sounds like "Isaac" fashion......he loves to tantrum for an hour and fun for mom, right?

Melanie said...

Greta, you totally crack me up! Ironically, we had a Valentine meltdown at our house too this year.