Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

A couple things have happened the last few days that have made me love and appreciate how my mother raised me. As many of you know I am the Primary President in our ward and Tom is the Executive Secretary. That means that we are at the church a lot, especially Tom. He has meetings every Sunday from 10am-1pm then we have church from 1-4pm. Twice a month we have Ward Council and it is from 11:45-12:50 then church from 1-4pm. That means that we both have to be there for those meetings. My kids are getting a little church overload. They love love love church and Primary but they by the end of these long Sundays they are DONE! (And they do not love the pre-meeting time. Not that they don't love to play, it is just too long of a day for them.) I am starting to send my counselors to some of the meetings, but unfortunately I have to go to at least once a month. There is another family in our ward that both couples need to attend Ward Council so we are not the only ones in this position. It means that we need to have a nursery for ward council so our kids are taken care of. The YM/YW organization has taken on the responsibility of "Ward Council Nursery". I have a lot of gratitude for these youth that so often give so much service. I also think what wonderful lessons they are learning about unselfishness and serving in the church at such a young age. Thank you so much! I know that when I was young and had opportunities to serve my parents encouraged me to participate but never forced me. I watched as my parents served in their callings even when they had reasons they could have said no. I remember my mom serving in the Young Womens organization, even when she was going through harsh chemo treatments. How easy would it have been to say no??? I never even gave a second thought to it at the time. Now that I am an adult and know how much work goes into callings, especially those involving the youth, I am amazed. I am also humbled and grateful that she DID accept and magnify her calling. Without saying a word, she taught me how to look beyong myself and think of others by serving in the church. Our church cannot function without those that belong to it serving. No one gets paid in our church. It requires sacrifice, but also makes me appreciate it so much more. Thank you so much mom for teaching me to serve at a young age! Only now can I truely appreciate how small of a window we have to teach our children and especially how short of a time she had to teach me. And I am grateful for a church organization that gives us the opportunity to serve in our youth. I know it taught me so much at the time, but even more is that it prepared me for serving now.

I laid in bed last night thinking of how amazing my parents were about always alway serving in the church, serving in the community, and helping others. I can remember my mom helping those in need. Whenever we saw people outside the grocery store in need, my mom always gave. Many times she would stop to talk to these needy people to find out there circumstances and how she could really help. On one occasion I remember my mom bringing a couple home who had been homeless outside Smith's. They ended up living in our travel trailer. My parents helped them look for work and they eventually bought the trailer from my parents and moved into a trailer park. Quite honestly I don't know that I would feel comfortable bringing strangers into my house, but that was just how my mom was.

On a lighter side, I saw a friends facebook post where she was ranting about someone she saw smoking while pregnant. For some reason it reminded me of a story my mom used to tell me about when she was pregnant with me and I wanted to make sure to write it down so I wouldn't forget it. Back when my mom was pregnant was with me there were no "clean indoor air acts". You could pretty much smoke wherever you wanted to, including GROCERY STORES! I can't even imagine that now and how that would have to taint the taste of all the food in the store. But I guess growing up in Vegas has its disadvantages. Anyway, my mom was very pregnant with me and in line at the grocery store. There was a long line and the person standing in line behind her smoking away. My mom politely asked her to not smoke because it was making her sick. The lady made some rude comment to my mom, something along the line of "no way" but not nearly as nice, and then blew smoke in her face, and continued to smoke. Within a couple of minutes, my mom turned to her and threw up on her. That was so typical of my mom!!! I know that the woman helping the homeless couple and the woman who would throw up on a stranger doesn't sound like they would/could be the same person. Both are typical of my mom. She would help someone as much as she could, espcially if she felt they were doing their best, but if she thought that someone was being unjust or rude, she would also put them in their place. I need to have the guts to step out of my comfort zone to help those around me........and to stand up for what I think is right. I hope I can be just a small portion of the person she was.


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing the stories about your mom! And thank you for serving so willingly. I also had great examples growing up of serving, so I am always surprised when people find so many excuses to not help. (An good for the youth pitching in to help too!)

Ben and Taryn said...

What great stories! I can't wait to find out all about the incredible service she is still doing, probably with her sisters:) on the other side.

Lorilee said...

I love hearing about your mom and I love that she puked on someone:) my poor kids are getting the service bug early. Being the primary president for so long they got stuck filling in where others wouldn't and now Caleb gets to help his dad as the scoutmaster doing everything the other boys wont. They mostly do it without complaint but I remember being a little bitter when my mom was yw president and I got stuck taking flyers around and making calls etc.... I guess in hindsight it really made me appreciate serving and magnifying our callings.