Monday, August 29, 2011

End of the School Year

My goal was to have caught up on the blog by the time the girls start school next week. I better finish up last school year before starting on the new school year. The girls had an end of year Program and graduation for the 4 year old classes. My girls tend to get shy in large groups and if you remember the post from the Christmas program, Audrey freezes up and won't look at anyone but me. We decided we were going to work on that before the program. We asked the girls to sing the songs from school to us and then Tom kept encouraging them to sing it louder. During the program when the 2 year old class came out Audrey took it to heart and screamed out her songs. We couldn't stop laughing. She stumbled over words and kept singing even if the song was done. Of course her two little buddies, Katherine and Brayden just kept going right along with her. We have a video from the school made and I wish I could upload it but it is too large to upload. A couple of my other favorite parts were after a song Audrey would shake her bum and then one time after everyone started clapping she beamed, gave a fist pump and said "YES!" loud enough for all the audience to hear. Ella was pretty tame in comparison. She sang great and loved being up "performing" and trying to be SLY and wave at me. Audrey is standing next to her best buddy Katherine and Ella is posing with her best buddy Alexandria. Both are going to different schools next year and I hope the girls adjust. They had such a great year and such amazing teachers.