Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Talker and Walker

Grandma and Gramps are here!!!!!!!!!

Ella and Tom went to get them on Wednesday night. Ella hasn't been a very good sleeper lately and history has shown that she wakes up when her grandparent come, so this time I sent her with Tom to the airport. Mom and Dad were on a small flight and had already found their luggage by the time Ella and Tom had gotten there. Ella saw her grandparents and went running for them....yelling "Gamma Gamps" the whole way. Once her mouth started talking apparently it didn't stop. She talked their ears off the whole way home. She even introduced them to Marcus the Carcass who is on our front lawn for Halloween. (He is a face and hands and feet that are coming up through the grass and they glow. Ella loves to High 5 him.) Her mouth was still going a mile a minute when they got home. She made sure I knew several times who they were and that they were FINALLY here. She has had a smile on her face pretty much the whole time they have been here. "Gamps is funny hoo hoo ha ha" is heard all day long. It is fun to see how much she loves them.

Audrey has even warmed up. She can see her mom and still let Grandma hold her. She is better when mom and dad are completely gone, then she loves Grandma. She is such a great baby, she is just a mama's girl to the core! Tonight we went to Curtis and Paige's for dinner and she took her first steps!! I was so excited I was screaming. She only took about 3 steps but that was enough for me to be elated. Ella learning to walk was like forcing someone to take bitter tasting medicine. Physical therapy helped her, but it was an hour a week of coersion, tears, and screaming. So to have a child that wants to walk and giggling on those first few steps its like a first experience for me.



Meagan Briggs said...

I can't believe Audrey walked!!!! I need to come over I think to witness!!! That is great Grandma and Gramps are in long are they staying for? Any fun plans while they are there??? I miss you guys!

Lorilee said...

We love when Gramma and Gramps come to visit. Squeeze Audrey for me, what a big girl. You need to call "nana" tomorrow so I can talk to Ella. Love you!!!!