Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Festivities!

It is jacket season in North Carolina. It turned cold quick! These were taken right before our visit from Grandma and Gramps. The girls LOVE to play outside and as long as it is not raining or freezing cold, we try to spend time outside everyday. The bike is actually Ella's, but Audrey sneaks on it as often as she can without getting caught. The first picture is one raining day when the girls were entertaining themselves with loading up the dishwasher. They think it is the coolest "toy" we have.

Grandma loves to spend time with the girls and they sure love her back. She is reading to the girls and Audrey was reading back to her. (It was right after bathtime.) Audrey finally warmed up to Grandma after spending some alone time with her, plus Grandma let her ride the horse and gave her lots of treats....and hugs.

Heading to the ward Trunk or Treat. Ella quickly learned that putting on the kangaroo costume and saying "Trick or Treat" gave her the sugar high! I think that Halloween is her new favorite holiday. (At least until she understands about Christmas!) Tom helped Ella color and went with the girls for their first trick or treating experience while I handed out candy.

Audrey is our Monkey. The first picture gives you an idea of why we searched for a monkey costume for her. When the stair gate is closed, she has decided that won't stop her from climbing the stairs. She will just go up outside the banister. Sabey, Travis and Stephanie came Trick or Treating with us. Our neighborhood had lots of decked out houses and Ella charmed all the neighbors with her "Trick a Teet" and "Happy How-wa-ween".


Tara said...

The girls look so cute and I love seeing so many pictures of your family! Your house looks beautiful. I am a really lame mother and just before I could get Halloween pictures my camera battery went dead, lame. Halloween is Lincoln's b-day, so I used all my battery up on that. Anyway, love the costumes, etc. etc.

Cori said...

Love all the new photos! Ryan was also a monkey--for the exact same reason! He is on the move so much we tried to get pictures in his costume and after three different occasions we ended up with ONE good picture!

Ben said...

Tom...your costume is pretty scary dude. Where did you find a mask like that??

Marie said...

I love the girls' costumes!! So cute! It looks like you have all been having a lot of fun this fall. I wish we were still in jacket weather; there was snow on the ground this morning (and in my car, because Ryan didn't close his door last night when we got home . . . :D). And I love the pics of the girls "playing" with the dishwasher and climbing the stairs!