Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas To ME!!

Do I need to say more?? Santa came a little early with the help of our other washing machine spinning its last cycle. So far I LOVE it. The delivery time was scheduled between 4-6pm today and Sears came through on time. We are on load 3 right now and we are trying the sanitary steam wash cycle this time. Wahoo! I have loved Sears ever since Extreme Makeover Home Edition so I am glad I can contribute to the next makeover!! I know that most women aren't big on appliances for gifts, but for anyone that knows me....... I LOVE THEM! I am just way to practical. I would rather a good appliance that saves me time over jewelery. Don't get me wrong, someday I would love nice jewlery, but my kids tend to ruin most things I have anyway, so I can wait for a few more years. Thanks honey.


Lorilee said...

Wow kid that is a pretty fancy washer. And yes it is weird that you prefer household items to a big fat diamond. Whatever! We are seriously not related. carl got me broom for my birthday once. Still not sure if it was a joke.
plus yay for clean jammies that fit! Merry Christmas to you.

Marie said...

Greta, I'm with you! Nate got me an oven our first Christmas in this house because our old oven couldn't even fit a roasting pan. Granted, it takes a lot longer to warm up, but I really don't care.

My parents just got that same washer a couple of months ago, and Mom loves it, so hopefully it will serve you all well! :D