Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things I have learned this week.....

As a mom, it is amazing how much you learn random things like:
  • Half a roll of toilet paper will make it all the way from the guest bathroom to the far side of the couch in the living room still attached to the holder and still have some toilet paper to spare.
  • A 1 year old looks like they are pooping when they are just about to throw up.
  • You should expect your 2 year old to throw up within a couple of days of your 1 year old throwing up. It is the cycle of life, or sickness.
  • I DO NOT regret spending extra money to get the washing machine that has a Steam Sanitize cycle.
  • When you have a sick 2 year old there is no such thing as too much Dora. At 2 in the morning and you are whimpering in bed with mom, running a fever of 102, don't want juice, popsicles, or food, you can still want to watch Dora.
  • Antibiotics will kill the bugs that could be pnemonia. (Or pre-pnemonia) Yippie for antibiotics.
  • Snot can come out of your ears when you don't have the ability to blow your nose. (Last year I learned it could come out of your tear ducts.)
  • When you feel helpless and overwhelmed with sick kids who just don't want to do anything, and then they sit up and say "Love you Mama, Love you." (Ella) then lay back down, you can handle just about anything.
  • Audrey can run faster then Ella only if she has just stole either 1) a toy Ella was playing with or 2) juice or milk Ella was drinking. Any other time Ella can beat her.
  • Audrey is pretty sly with stealing either 1) a toy Ella was playing with or 2) juice or milk Ella was drinking.
  • Charlotte can go from 70 degrees one day and not even hit 39 degrees the next. I miss global warming.
  • It is not a good idea to take the dog groomer by yourself with just two toddlers. All three follow other peoples dogs way to easily.
  • Daisy can feel double her weight when trying to follow another family home...
  • Ella can feed Daisy all by herself. She can only get about 4 kernels of food in the cup at a time, but she will patiently fill up the entire bowl by herself.
  • Daisy and Audrey can eat the food faster then Ella can fill up the bowl.
  • The door to the laundry room where Daisy eats should be closed all the time. (I am not sure how to get her water though.)
  • When Daisy licks the water out of the bottom of the shower it means she is out of water.
  • Ella CAN open her Christmas presents by herself without help. (She didn't get very far.)
  • You can show Ella her present on Friday and by Tuesday she still knows EXACTLY which present is hers and which is Audrey's. You would think she could read.
  • When you are really lazy and don't want to hide the Christmas gift or lug them upstairs out of view, as long as the gifts are in boxes, you can leave them out in the hallway when your kids are 1 and 2. They think the gift is the BOX!! Wahooo......
  • Audrey said her first sentence "Huh-eye DA-ZEEEEEEE".
  • The only thing I really want or need for Christmas is a happy healthy family. Anything more then that is icing. (I admit, I am pretty excited to see the girls faces when they get their gifts though.)
  • My kids think that Santa is a weird guy in a red costume, while they think Christmas is Jesus' birthday and totally know who He is and can find Him in any picture. And YES, I LOVE THAT. It is a few more years before it is commerical and toys for them. Not that Ella doesn't know that there is a gift for her, but she doesn't know to ASK for it.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but as you can see I have been busy learning. Hopefully I don't have to learn quite so much this week. I am sad to not be surrounded by all our extended family and friends for Christmas, but I am also excited to have a quiet little Christmas with our family. I love all of you and hope you all have a very very Merry Christmas.


Lorilee said...

I seriously love you so much. You are such a fantastic mom and wife and friend. This post was one of my favorites of all time. Hope the kiddos are feeling better and that you guys have a Very Merry Christmas. Miss you. Love your guts.

Aly said...

Thanks for the laughs. I hope the girls are better now. Merry Christmas.
Aly, Rob & Family