Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ode to Daisy

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Last night Tom and I got a sitter and we went to see Marley and Me. Both Tom and I had read the book and really loved it, so we knew the movie would be funny and sad. After watching the movie, Tom and I thought about how big a part of our lives Daisy has been. We got her right before I found out I was pregnant with Ella. Ella was planned but I wasn't expecting to get pregnant so quickly after trying. Although I didn't throw up really with either of my pregnacies, I just felt yucky most of the first few months. Then exhausted the rest of the pregnancy. I would come home from work and just not want to move. Daisy would come snuggle me and really helped me through that first pregnancy, that was before she was 50 lbs. She definitely ate a few pairs of shoes, chewed the bottom of most of our apartment blinds, and a few hats. Our dining room chairs all have bite marks on the legs. There were many things she destroyed of Tom's that I would hurry and replace before he knew she had gotten to them. What a typical puppy she was. She adjusted well to Ella and then again to Audrey. I am constantly amazed at how tolerant she is with the girls and what she will just sit and take. Ella loved her from the minute she was aware of her. Audrey has really taken to her the last few months too. They will both randomly go over and hug and snuggle her. (I think Daisy would prefer to sleep, but she just lays there and takes it.) Daisy loves other dogs to everyone detriment. She sees one and makes a bee line to go make friends. Sometimes I am not expecting it and either drop her leash or practically drop a kid in the process. I have never seen a dog that gets so excited to go to the vet or the groomer, just to have other people and dogs to visit. Daisy was Ella's first word, before Dada or Mama. DeeZee. She is in Audrey's top 5 and Audrey still won't say mom. She is a huge part of our family and don't ever want to think about a time when we won't have her with us. Thanks for all the unselfish love Daisy.


Lorilee said...

Cute post!!! I will love Daisy too for you because I don't love the rats the way you love Daisy.
So I just saw your comment on Lacey's birthday blog. In my defense, there were way more embarrassing pictures of me on there than you so it made it ok. Love your guts!!

lacey said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Miss you so much.

Ben said... scared me, I thought Daisy had died when I saw the title of the post! HA! What a cool, crazy dog. Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Meagan Briggs said...

I LOVED that movie. We put our dog down this past year and i cried like a baby. It was a great movie....great message and it really made you realize how special your pets are!

And I love love Daisy! But not her dog hair...

Cori said...

When I saw the title I totally thought Daisy died, too! I'm so glad she's still around and happy.

Ryan's first word was dog (we often refer to Jackson as Jackson Dog) and he just started saying Mama, too. So funny.