Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Am I Becoming Senile?

I was reflecting on life after our new 1-4 church schedule on Sunday and there are just a few things in life I am starting to have a hard time remembering. As my week has progressed I keep adding to my list and thought I would share.
  • I forget what 8 continuous hours of sleep feels like, or heaven forbid 10!! Ahhhhhh, those were the days.
  • I forget what it is like to sit in church and listen to an entire talk or lesson.
  • I forget what it is like to just walk out the bag to pack, making sure we have enough diapers, wipes, sippy cups of juice, and emergency treats, or toys.
  • I forget what it is like to have all my laundry done. It seems like there is always one or two full bins; even when I spend the entire day doing laundry.
  • I forget what it is like to stay up until 3-4 in the morning, then somehow still make it to work by 7:30.
  • I forget what it is like to stay up until 3-4 in the morning PERIOD. (Unless there is crying, medicine and a rocking chair involved.)
  • I forget what it is like to just have to get myself ready.
  • I forget what it is like to go out with Tom without trying to find a babysitter. So much for spontaneous.
  • I forget needing to throw a gallon of milk away because we can't drink it all before the expiration date.
  • I forget what it is like to not have to count bottles to make sure the dog hasn't eaten one. (Daisy has gotten about 2 dozen bottles between the two kids. She sure likes formula and whole milk.)
  • I forget what it is like to take a walk through the neighborhood and not have a "tour guide" point out all the neighbor's flags. (Or point out any flag for that matter: Lowes, Wal-mart, gas stations, Bob Evans..... Who knew how many businesses were so patriotic?)
  • I forget what it is like to fly on a plane and be able to sleep through the flight.
  • I forget what life was like when there wasn't always something to do, clean, sterilize, or snuggle.
  • I forget what it is like to feel lonely.
  • I forget what it is like to go more then a few hours without hugs or kisses.
  • I forget what it is like to NOT be unconditionally loved.
Some things I would like to remember again, like getting a full night's sleep, but some things are better left forgotten.


Lorilee said...

Cute post GHHHHH!!! I know what you mean about the sleep. I haven't slept in like 10 years.

Nikki said...

You are so funny! I hear ya on the "staying up til 3-4 am and still being able to go to work at 7:30" How did we ever do that?

Tara said...

This post would serve well as Birth Control for some young couple! I am with ya on the sleep thing, oh that'll be the day. By the time I'm not awakened by babies/toddlers, I'll be up late worrying and waiting for teenagers to come home. Once the kids are gone, but will probably snore louder and I'll have aging aches and pains I cannot comprehend now. So long sleep, it was nice knowing you!
On the other hand I wouldn't trade my munchkins for anything, but I could do without some of their antics!

Tara said...

But won't snore louder, but Bob probably will

Marie said...

Such a beautiful post . . . Sleep? We used to sleep? And not have to do laundry every day? And I once got to church on time? :D

Jennifer M said...

Fun post, Greta! So, so true.

Jessica Hughes said...

AMEN to all of it!!!! I laughed out loud, because it is all so true!!!! And happy for it! I miss ya! And you too TARA!

Ben said...

I forgot what meatloaf at your house tastes like! HA! That and those really good bottles of expensive soda!