Friday, January 23, 2009

Daddy's Day and Other Stuff

This week I had to re-schedule all my trainings because the girls have been sick. I have one office that I couldn't re-schedule for today and the girls were at least not contagious so I could take them to Cassie's today. The office I needed to train is a 3 hour commute one way. Yep, that would be six hours JUST IN DRIVING..... Anyway, for my safety and those of the other drivers on the road we decided that I would stay over night last night. (I also will be doing this again Sunday night for my Monday training.) I felt horrible leaving the girls with Tom knowing they weren't feeling good, plus they were both just in foul moods. I had to drop a couple things off before I got on the road and realized I left my shirt I was going to wear to the training hanging in the laundry room. When I snuck in to get it the door was closed but I could hear little girls giggling. Dad's always have the best ideas.
Dora is much better in a tent. We even found Daisy in there today lounging, but she didn't sit still long enough to get a picture of her.

In other Charlotte News, it snowed this week!! Well, it gave a small dusting on Tuesday, I don't know if I could REALLY call this snow, but it was enough to close down school and many many many businesses. Even Vegas didn't close schools for this little snow.

Sorry they aren't great pictures, but it really was FREEZING outside. The temperature was hovering around 5 with the windchill factor. Ella still was just happy to be outside, but we only stayed out long enough to snap these pictures and then we were back inside (after a Smartie bribe). Ella looked so cute in her winter clothes I had to get a couple shots though. Audrey's favorite spot all day was standing on the heating vent looking through the window. Now that is my way of handling snow or cold.


Tara said...

I do not envy you with the cold temps! I loved living in Nebraska, but the cold winters and being far from family is what drove me away.

Have I ever told you that your house is absolutely beautiful. Aaah, to have a front porch-love it!

Your girls are super duper cute. I love how their personalities are night and day. My girls are the same. Audrey is my feisty one. Julia's sweet and helpful!

Amy Joy said...

That's why dads are always the fav! It is that way at my house. Sometimes I do fun things:). I love how much hair your girls have. Sorry they still don't feel well it gets better as they get older.

Marie said...

Tom is so cute; dads are the best . . . and I'm finding the dust day off of school hilarious!

Ben said...

Wow...that's some serious snow Greta. I'm sure the store was out of bread and milk, right?! HAHA! How many days was school 3? I love NC! :)

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so cute. I didn't know Bradlee and Audrey were the same age either.