Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Glimpse Into a 2 Year Old Mind

After we took Christmas down, our house has looked pretty bare. I have bought a few new decorations to put out but before we do that we decided that we need to get a little color in the house. I have been debating and debating about the color and with Tom gone, I finally loaded the kids up and purchased some sample sizes of paint. When we came home I painted a small area on the wall to see what the color would look like and Ella said "Paint, Mommy, pretty paint". (As a side note, when I told her we were going to buy paint she spread out all ten fingers in front of her and said "Pink Fingers Mom". I explained the paint was for the wall not her fingers.) We still have the nails in the wall where pictures were hanging. Here is the conversation between us.
Ella: "Owie Mommy"
Me: "What Owie? The nails in the wall?"
Ella:" Yeah. They are owies in the wall."
Me: "OOOOkay."
Ella: "Paint makes them feel better. Mommy paints."
Me: "You want me to paint to make the owies in the wall feel better?"
Ella: (Super loud) "YEAH!!!"
After putting the kids to bed I started taping up the walls and all the crown molding. I love all our crown molding, until I realize I have to tape every little bit of it to paint. From the window sills to the base board to the mantle around the fireplace. Eeeekkk. Whenever I get these hairbrain ideas Tom tends to bring me back to reality. He called as soon as his plane landed and reminded me that we have a 50 inch TV that I can't even help HIM lift that would need to be taken off the wall to paint, as well as a wall bracket to hold that TV up. It is insane trying to get that bracket straight. Looks like I am repainting my little square back to off white tomorrow..... The wall will just have to keep it's owies without any comfort of paint.


Tara said...

Come on Greta you can do it. I'm sure your off-white walls are beautiful, but you have too much personality for that! At first Bob referred to our house as Circus Fun because I painted (or had him paint) and it was so colorful. I love it. You would LOVE it and it would be worth all the effort.

Meagan Briggs said...

I miss her pink fingernails! and I miss Ella! She is so adorable! Miss you guys :-)

Amy Joy said...

That is why you do not need to make goals bc you just DO. I would have to make it a goal to get it done by the end of the year. I would have put toothpaste in the holes:) BUT I have only lived in rentals.

Marie said...

I love the owies on the wall. And I can't wait to see the colorful pictures when you do paint . . . what colors are you thinking about?

I've painted some walls a butter yellow here, but in Phoenix we had some walls that were bright blue, terra cotta, and peach colored. . . I miss that. :D


cute, cute. I also loved when Ella told you, "no problem mommy, no problem." By the way, I wouldn't want to move the tv and bracket either.