Saturday, January 17, 2009

How do you really feel??

Audrey is a lot more clingy then Ella ever was. She always has been. Nothing can melt your heart like when she snuggles right into your shoulder and puts her head down like she is safe and sound and comfy. She has always been a mama's girl too. It has only been in the past few months that she has really taken a liking to dad. Her first few mobile months, she would stay right next to me or on me, even though she could crawl. She would crawl, grab what she wanted then make a bee-line back to my lap. It took months, but eventually she learned to venture out and I could even leave the room. Not for more the a minute, but at least leave. With Ella I could set out a bunch of toys on the bathroom floor and take a shower and get ready for the day and she was just content to play. That is definitely NOT Audrey. Even though she has gotten a lot more independant and will leave the room to play with something in another room, she usually "checks back in" a lot. I am racing Michael Phelps time to shower and get ready. It also makes doing any work at home impossible. Tom just tells me I need to let her cry it out sometimes so I can do what I need to get done. Anyway, I decided to take his advice the other day so I could get ready. Ella was in a Dora coma (I haven't been letting her watch much tv, so when she gets to she is totally focused) and Audrey was happily playing away not caring about me. When I got out of the shower I heard her crying, but I was strong and let her go while I got ready. After just a minute, the crying stopped and I figured she was distracted by a toy. When I opened the bedroom door, my heart dropped as I realized Audrey was standing on the stairs with the gate to upstairs locked. It has been kind of hard to close lately (it needs to be re-adjusted) and I must not have totally closed it when I let Daisy up. Audrey loves to close it though, and apparently she did, but ended up locking herself out. I quickly opened the gate and saw what had distracted her from crying at the bottom of the stairs. (I assume she went downstairs looking for me.)

Yep, that is the extra toilet paper holder from the spare bathroom. It is pretty heavy so I am surprised she was able to move it. Notice, the toilet paper is still attached! To add to the fun, Daisy must have followed her downstairs and she tore up all the used Kleenex that had been thrown away in that bathroom's garbage. The picture didn't quite capture it. My kids tend to let us know when they don't like something we have done. But the shower was still worth it!


Tara said...

Lincoln loved to do this exact toilet paper trick when he was little. It's funny but so frustrating when they are doing it every time you turn around. Hopefully for your sake it was a one time deal, but it sounds as though she is quite precocious, so probably not!

I fully agree about the shower being worth it! I never realized how lucky I was for all of those years to have such long, relaxing showers. Nowadays, I have max 5 minutes, usually with some child crying or hysterically laughing(which can be equally as dangerous as the crying). I now understand how why my mom takes such fast showers!!

Oh and BTW, your Audrey Jane sounds so similar to my Audrey June, not just in name. My Audrey is so clingy to me and still such a mama's girl!

Greta said...

GREAT! I was hoping time would give me a reprieve!

Meagan Briggs said...

Audrey is the cutest thing! We miss them so much! Does Ella freak out when you turn off Dora? She always threw a fit when I'd turn it off. Ella is such a character! We need to catch up!

Erica said...

That is pretty hysterical! I would love to say that my angel Ava would never do such a thing. But the toilet paper roll is extremely amusing to her also!
I let Ava do it while I try to get ready for school or church.

Marie said...

Yeah, Ryan could totally keep himself occupied, while Sofie is so clingy even now (though she is starting to love Daddy too). And Ryan finally stopped unrolling the TP a few weeks ago . . . and then Sofie just discovered it. :D