Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Well, we pulled out the green for St. Patrick's Day. I didn't realize my girls had so little green in their wardrobes. Thank goodness it warmed up enough to wear spring clothes or they wouldn't have had ANYTHING to wear. Ella's dress is an India dress that Lorilee handed down, so thanks Erik and Lorilee for contributing to our holiday spirit. We already had Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner on Sunday, so we have just been celebrating by enjoying the nice weather and playing outside most of the day.

I haven't posted a lot lately because I haven't taken many pictures lately. I haven't taken many pictures because Audrey is a poster child for an abused child. Ella took forever to walk, but never fell. Audrey falls all the time and still has not learned to catch herself with her hands, so everything is face first. This week she had a bruise on each cheek, one over her eye, and a scrape on her chin. I am afraid it will be a while before we are able to take professional pictures again. Maybe her lack of coordination can be attributed to her lack of sleep. She is teething right now so she is up 4-5 times a night. Ella has been up once or twice a night too. (She is teething as well, both girls are getting molars in.) This has made one tired mom and dad.
Last Sunday we got to church early enough to get a pew and we decided to sit on the last row. Ella was sitting on my lap and Audrey was playing to the side of us. Ella was playing this game where she would cover my eyes and say "You can't see me". It was keeping her quiet during the sacrament, so I went along. Then she reached over and covered Tom's eyes too. Audrey chose that moment to be an acrobat and went head first over the pew. Because it was the last row, she went right to the floor. Our only warning was the gasp from the Priest who was standing by the door who tried to catch her. So much for being quiet during the sacrament. She was fine within a couple minutes. Tom and I sometimes wonder if she can feel pain. Her bump over her eye is from smacking her head on our headboard while trying to get comfortable. (After waking up 4 times I brought her into our bed.) She didn't even wake up. So if we get arrested for child abuse, someone bail us out.
The girls are starting to get to a stage where they are really fun. They have started to hold hand when they walk places. Sometimes only Ella finds this fun. She is becoming a really good big sister. She tries to guide Audrey the right way and explain why she can't have something. Last week when it was warm she kept finding Daisy and grabbing her collar and bringing her back to the yard. And good Daisy for following since she is more then 30 lbs heavier then Ella. I know most moms are sad to see their babies grow up, but I am enjoying seeing them get more independence and be more responsible. As tired and cranky as I have been lately they really are amazing girls with the biggest sweetest hearts. We are going to Altanta later this week. Tom is going to a tradeshow and I am bringing the girls down towards the end of the show and we will go to the Aquarium and swimming while Tom is working. I would really like to get them out and show them some of the great things to do on the East Coast. So wish me luck on the trip. Hopefully I will get a better nights sleep before I make that drive!


Amy Joy said...

That shows you how well I know geography. I thought you lived by the beach. We probably won't be able to go until late summer or next summer. Have fun traveling. Over all I miss being around family but there are some great things about it too. My husband is looking over my shoulder and said OH, they have a dog. We will get there someday:)

Nikki said...

I am definitely turning you in to DCFS! hahahah...JUST KIDDING! My little 1 year old fell out of the shopping cart because I didn't strap her in and she stood up to reach for me and I moved right out of the way. I screamed and people came was quite embarrasing because I felt like a horrible Mom. All is well though. Cute kids get bruised and banged up and it doesn't even phase them half the time!

Have fun in are the best!

Lorilee said...

I am totally turning you in for abuse. That little girl is an angel and you can't tell me any different. Nothing sets the mood in church like a good accident. Can't freakin wait to see you in a couple of months. love your guts.

Meagan Briggs said...

I love your stories about the girls. They are crazy but soooo fun! Atlanta will be tons of fun too! I wish we had spring time here in Rexburg but I guess we'll just have to wait until North Carolina weather....(sigh)

Anonymous said...

Your such a good mom, I don't think Bradlee owns anything green. I better work on that for next year.