Monday, March 9, 2009

Driver's Ed

This weekend was GORGEOUS in Charlotte. Friday we.....meaning Tom.... cleaned out the garage. Saturday he also cleaned both our cars. The girls loved playing in them while Tom was cleaning.

Audrey making sure the seat belt works.

Both girls buckled up for their "ride".

Audrey's manic steering. She drives like her mom.

Sunday I subbed in Nursery so Audrey got to come play with all the "big" kids. Between playing hard and having late church so no nap, she was exhausted and didn't even make it to the freeway enterance before falling asleep. She was so cute I couldn't help but snap this photo.

I thought I would also include a few Ella-isms for the week.
On Friday our friend Kelly was watching the girls. I went to pick them up and as I was strapping Audrey in her carseat, I noticed Ella was still at the bottom of the driveway. Their driveway has a slight slope, VERY slight. Ella started yelling at me "Mom, come help me!". I turned to ask her why and she said "I can't get up this MOUNTAIN! It is super high. Help! Help!" I couldn't stop laughing. My dream of taking them to Stuart Falls this summer was dashed in that one conversation.
Last night about a half hour after putting the girls to bed, I heard Ella screaming. I was going to ignore her but she has been pooping and taking off her diaper and throwing it over the crib, so I thought I should go see what was the matter. She had obviously woken from her sleep and was still halfway asleep. I asked what was wrong and she said "I's scared". I asked what she was scared of and she told me "I's scared pirates are coming to get me." Hummmmmm. I am not aware of her watching any pirates except an episode of Dora with pirate piggies, but they are nice. When I told Tom he said that pirates ARE scary.......


Lorilee said...

I LOVE those girls. They are the best!!! I love the one of her sleeping. SO CUTE!!

The Griggs said...

I promise we weren't watching any pirates at our house, just Little Mermaid. Kasey was asking where Ella went. I think she really enjoyed the girl time with Ella.


I love when my kids fall asleep in the car - but often their heads look so uncomfortable - I don't know how they sleep like that! I am also a little jealous to see your kids dressed so summery. We had snow yesterday and even school started a couple hours late.

Marie said...

So adorable! I love when kids "drive" the car (as long as it's not when we absolutely have to be somewhere). And I love the mountain story . . . we did the Stewart Falls hike for my birthday . . . and decided we're not trying any major hike with our kids for another few years! I'll stick with climbing driveways!

Tara said...

Your girls are SOOO adorable!!

Amy Joy said...

ASAP we are going to come to the beach. We will have to come close to you. What Temple do you go to? We also plan to go to DC.