Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grow Old Along With Me

Wow, has it really been this long since I have posted a blog?? Well, I have some good excuses. I decided to start with easter and work my way through the week, so bare with me. Last Saturday we took the girls to the Bradford Store (along the 73 for those that live nearby) it is an old time farm that has a store with fresh produce and things. They had a big egg hunt and petting zoo. The girls loved it as you will be able to tell from the pictures. Easter morning the Super Bunny came (as Ella calls him) and brought eggs and dresses.

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I should have known it was going to be a rough week. We got Ella an Easter dress and I noticed that it had black all along the bottom of the dress. So an hour before Target is closing, I am out trying to replace the dress. A truck must have ran over the entire load of dresses because they were all like that. I ended up running to Kohl's and getting a cuter dress for $10. I was ironing it Sunday morning and ended up burning the dress though. Ugghhhh. Signs I tell you, all warning signs to go back to bed and not come out. While at church I was getting nausous and insane chills. I ended up needing to leave early because I was having such a hard time. Unfortunately rest didn't help with my upset stomach. Monday I was still nausous and starting to get worried that I was pregnant despite unimaginable odds. I was also having sharp pains in my right side. By Monday evening the pain was constant. I would have headed to the ER then, but our night time excursion with Ella was anything but plesant, so I thought I would tough it out overnight and go in as soon as doctor's offices were open and people weren't using the ER as their Primary Care Physician. They got me in quickly and the doctor did a quick preliminary test of feeling around my stomach to see where I was having pain. He really thought it was my appendix, which I was fearing. I had to take a catscan and drink this terrible contrast liquid to help them diagnois. I don't think I will be drinking any Lemonade Crystal Light for a while. You have to drink 32 oz in 1 hour before the catscan. So several hours and test later, I DIDN'T have an appendicitis, but a ruptured cyst on my overies, a kidney infection and bladder infection. 5 prescriptions later, I am doing much better. I have pretty much been out of it for the last few days between pain, the meds, and just being tired. But today is the kick off of Birthday Week for Tom.
Yeah for Tom. He is 34 today. I am not going to make some list for him, mostly because it is already 11:30 and I want this posted ON his birthday. Plus, I have way more then 34 things I love about him. He teases me that I don't SWOON and I don't, but no one has made my heart stop like he has. He is the most fun, patient, crazy, funny, lovable, sensitive, amazing person I know and I am so incredibly glad that I get to go on this journey of eternity with him. He is the most perfect match for me. One thing about this week is being kind of doozy on meds for both of us, we have just laid in bed and talked into the wee hours of the morning. I have loved just going to bed with my very best friend and someone I can tell anything to and they won't judge me or think any different of me, or laugh at me, if anything he loves me better. We have had our ups and downs, but I feel like the last 3 years of marriage have just been continual ups. I got him some beach wear because we are going to Mexico on Wednesday (paid for by Tom's work). I also gave him a picture of a gun. He got his concealed weapons permit recently but we haven't gotten a gun yet. I couldn't buy it for him, but I have put money aside for him to get this and a good lock box for it. The Griggs watched the girls for us tonight so we could go to dinner and then we went to see Peter Breinholt in concert. It was so fun. Tomorrow night Tom's parents fly in and they are going to watch the girls while we are in Mexico. Then 5 days in Mexico baby!! Wahoo. I guess you can say that Birthday week has officially kicked off. So if you don't hear from me this week, just imagine me relaxing by the pool minus 2 kids.
As one side note...Tom and I were sealed in the South Carolina temple 3 years ago today. We decided to do it on his birthday so we would always remember. Love you hunny.


Kelly P said...

Mexico - sounds like a BLAST!! What a crazy time with the Easter dresses - would you believe I burnt one of my boys' new pants while ironing!! It was a crazy morning.

Lorilee said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!! Wow sorry you are so old. I think you are pretty great too and I am so thankful that GHH has you in her life. Your a great dad and husband to greta so I guess you can stay in the fam.
Sorry about the Easter dresses. Sydney's dress was all white and she got chocolate all over it before we left for church. You can imagine what that did to my OCD.
MEXICO WAHOO!!! Hope you have a blast and recover and relax.

Amy Joy said...

I am so glad you are getting better for your trip! I thought I would die with a kidney and bladder infection. Put a ruptured cyst on top of that and I just want to cry for you. Have a great time after all that. Happy, Happy Birthday and Easter.

Jessica Hughes said...

Hey sweet Greta! Sounds like such a tough go for you guys! I hope you get REALLY BETTER by Wednesday! When I read it I just felt so bad for you!!! But things are looking up with Mexico! How great is that!!!! I am so happy to hear that you guys are so in love and life is good to you! Happy Birthday Tom and happy sealing! I love ya and miss ya Greta! Have a great time in Mexico! Don't drink the water! hahaha!

Marie said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better, Greta! Happy birthday, Tom! And I hope that you both have an amazing time in Mexico! You are both such amazing people. :D