Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Great Outdoors

We have been sick this week. The same gunk everyone else is getting we always seem to catch. So even though we could have done a lot of fun things this week, we stuck around the house instead trying to get better. The girls were actually doing fine by Friday afternoon, but I didn't want to chance getting anyone else sick. The weather has been beautiful though so we decided to spend our time outside. Tom replanted grass in a spot of the backyard that Ella calls "Daisy's potty". Daisy's pee kills, literally. The girls just loved playing in the sun, running in the grass, helping dad seed, and playing with Sidewalk Chalk. Tom figured out how to get the IPOD touch to pick up KSL though the internet, so I could even listen to conference while playing with the girls. It was great. We had Cassie and Shawn over for the Sunday morning session of conference and it was fun to share waffles and conference with them. While grilling today Audrey discovered she can make it in and out of the doggie door, so we may have to start keeping the regular door closed and Daisy may have to learn to bark at the door.

Audrey is getting so big and she is really starting to talk a lot. Her new words this weekend were "huggie" (that is what my girls tell me when they want me to pick them up), "come get it" (to Daisy when she was finished with dinner), "chaulk". She says tons of stuff but she says "Mommy" "Daddy" "Daisy" "Ella" "Audrey" "Yeah" "No" "Hi" "Buh Bye" "love you" "Dora" everyday. She has such a soft whispery voice compared to Ella that you have to listen a little harder to make out what she is saying. Ella has always had such a deep, loud voice. Speaking of Ella, she has entered the "Why?" phase. She wants to know "why" for everything. I thought we had a little while before this stage, but I guess here we go.


Lorilee said...

I LOVE IT!!!! my fav is the second one where she is falling out the dog door. Seriously your kids are so dang cute. I love them. Glad they are feeling better. only 3 months till I get to see you. Can't wait!!!

Andrea said...

Greta...thanks for your comments about Tori! I have decided that being a parent is VERY scary! I love for you to send me those papers if you come across them! However, you don't need to go looking for them. If you come across them just send them to

Yeah, I am a week over due when they finally just induced me! Tori's heart beat was high...come to find out the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck TWICE! Anyway, it was quite an interesting delivery..

I LOVE being able to get input on this blog thing from friends who have experienced similar situations...thanks again!!

Kelly P said...

Cute!! Connor was in the "Why phase" forever. Finally we just started to say, "Cuz." And then he started say, "Cuz? Oh, ok!" Too funny.

Andrea said...

Hey Greta! You can send the PDF's to!

Thanks SO MUCH!