Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Mickelsen

Today was always my Grandma's Birthday to me rather then April Fool's Day. She passed away several years ago. I am sure I have a picture I can scan in to post but haven't had a chance to look yet. She was really the only Grandparent I can remember. (I do have memories of both Grandfathers but they were both sick so they weren't active type memories, just seeing them in beds and my paternal grandmother died before I was born.) I thought for her birthday I would share some of my favorite memories of her, mostly for my own and my kids sake, but hopefully some of my family members will add their own! Hint Hint.
My earliest memory is of being at a family reunion right before she was leaving on a mission. My early childhood seems like she was always leaving, on, or coming back from a mission. I even brought her for show and tell one time she was visiting and she brought all this cool stuff from the Indian reservations where she had just been serving.
My FAVORITE childhood memory is of Lorilee and I fighting over who got to sit on which side of Grandma to hear bedtime stories. She would always tell us stories about our family history and things about our ancestors. I wish I had written some of them down since I have really forgotten so much of my childhood.
I remember my mom and grandma quilting my first real bedspread in the formal living room of our home. I finally had to toss it after our move to this house. It was completely torn apart from love and use. It had more holes then blanket and it was time to let go, but it was one of the hardest things for me to get rid of (and I am not that sentimental).
I remember her old farmhouse and drinking warm milk out of a pitcher. I hated the taste of it and swear it had dirt and floaties. I think that is what started my dislike of milk. I remember getting locked in the Grain Silo by my brothers as they yelled that the tracker was coming to fill the silo. I also remember Kurt putting me on a pig to ride , crying the whole time thinking I was going to get trampled and then getting spanked with a wooden spoon for playing in the pig pen. Oh the injustice! I also remember the fear she and my mom put in me of playing in the creek in front of her house. Maybe that is why none of the Mickelsens are great swimmers. I also remember the Grant Store. It had the BEST candy selection anywhere on the a young mind. I loved going to grandma's because it meant a trip to the Grant Store.
My FAVORITE memory from youth is when grandma made a trip to help my mom when she was sick. Not sure how much help she was, but she was a comfort to my mom. Anyway, I was kicked out of my room while she was staying there as usual and Tara was spending the night. We were sleeping in the living room. In the morning Tara took out her retainer and set it on the seat in the bay window. Grandma came in and of all places she could choose to sit, she chose right on top of the retainer. (It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't something like the 4th retainer she had.) Tara reached out to stop her, but she sat down first. The look on Tara's face as she was trying to decide if she should try to get the retainer, say something, or just keep still was priceless. I think it was one of the few moments that I have seen Tara speechless.
I also loved the time that my mom and grandma were driving to the church...I believe it was either for Brandon or Lacey's baptism and my mom drove over the cement stop between parking spots. Both mom and grandma swear that they didn't drive over anything and since neither of them felt it, someone had to have stolen the keys and moved the car over that cement stop.
And last but not least is Tonya's comment at Grandma's funeral. You know what you said..... and we all laughed. And remember Families Can Be Together Forever............
Love you and miss you Grandma!


Tara said...

OH, Greta. That certainly brought back memories. As I sit here now and look at my retainers-that I still don't wear often enough, but thankfully(knock on wood) I haven't broken them yet :). I did loose quite a few didn't I.

Telling my parents about that one was sort of like saying-the dog ate the homework. Remember I had to have your Mom vouch for me that I wasn't making it up!!

I would add more memories to your list, but you stole mine!

Bob and Tami said...

Hey Greta do you realize would have been 1oo years old today? She was one of a kind that's for sure. I have to agree about the milk. Never did like the milk at Grandma's, but she made the best rolls with a sweet glaze. Wish I could have some now. I remember pick raspberries at Grandma's she would pay us 25 cents for every #10can we would fill. Of course we would then have to go to the Grant Candy store to spend it. It was the best. Thanks for the memories.

Ben and Taryn said...

I always think of Grandma too on this day. Thanks for sharing your memories!

Lorilee said...

Greta, What a great post. I remember fighting with you, i think I won, not sure though. I also remember the milk and in fact a light bulb went off and I think that is why I don't like milk either.

You actually failed to mention that the pig pen was in fact wild boar things with enormous fangs. Our older siblings are going to burn in h@#! for the things they did to us at grandma's house.

Grandma was a great example of faith and her testimony was unshakable.

And my last comment is for Tonya. You never fail to make us laugh, even if your comment was totally inappropriate. I love all you guys. Grandma's legacy (us) is pretty awesome, not to mention hilarious.

The Gaineys said...

What an awesome tribute to an awesome woman. She always said she was an April fool. It did bring back a lot of great childhood memories.
I must say my stomach is still turning at the thought of the warm milk that was so carefully (not)strained through the cheese cloth.
And I can't not mention lipstick. Her unique way of putting it on her lips. Maybe she just wanted fuller looking lips!
Ok, about the comment at grandma's funeral....who knew those two little words would haunt me for the rest of my life? Oh well, we had a good laugh and it did build a great memory. Grandma would have liked that. For those of you who are wondering, it was one of those you had to be there moments. Sorry you missed it.


Thanks for getting me to the computer to try this out. You guys missed some of the more fun memories of Grandma's farm like cow-tipping (except it was the bull and it was mid-day) I had never seen Grandma truly afraid until that day. and filling an old pot with gas from the farm pump, putting .22 bullets in it and lighting the gas. When Grandma came out and said we had frightened Grandpa we knew we were in trouble and that was even before they told dad. I think the best/worst ridiculous thing I did at the farm was when I wass climbing the potato cellar and the roof caved in, then I kept going back up and jumping in the hole until Grandpa saw me disappear through it and swatted me when I came out the door for another round. Looking back at that cellar in my teenage years when we went to visit the farm with uncle Dan I realized how dangerous it was. I know that Mom prayed for me not to die every day, and she must have gotten that habit from Grandma. How I survived that farm is still a testimony of divine intervention and faithful prayer. Bob, thanks for the reminder of the sweet rolls I imagined tasting them when I read that. I also remember getting snap peas from the garden and eating them raw, to this day still the only way I enjoy eating peas.
Love all you guys,