Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hola Amigos!

I know you have all been waiting to hear if we have the Swine Flu. Nope. Even if we had, nothing could have dampened our trip to Mexico. We had such a great time just sleeping in and laying by the pool. That was literally every day for us. We stayed at Marquis Los Cabos which is an all inclusive resort between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Los Cabos. There was suppose to be another large company retreat there the same time as us and they cancelled shortly before the trip so our group pretty much had the resort to ourselves. It was about 50 of Henry Schein's top selling employees and their companions, so about 100 total people. The ocean next to the resort has a strong under current, so we couldn't swim there which was fine because we stayed in the pool most of the time. (Plus they don't bring drinks and food for you out in the ocean and they do in the pool....guacamole+Coke= heaven.) The second day we were there Tom and I took a taxi into Cabo San Lucas. Everyone was warning us about the people who beg, or try to sell you a timeshare. One lady in our group even had a guy try to sell her drugs. We didn't have anyone ask us for money. We must look poor or something but it made the experience so wonderful. We did walk out to the marina and a few people asked us if we wanted to take a boat tour out to the Arch. You could see it from the marina, but for $10 a person we figured we would go out and get some pictures. It was just us and the captain, so he was super accomodating trying to get us close and good shots. He was so nice and explained where the locals go, showed us all these cool rock formations and pointed out what we should see. We were out on the water for about an hour and it was definitely worth the $10. I bought the girls really cute Mexican style embroidered dresses at the Marina shops. They were much cheaper then the ROXY one I got in the US as a Swimsuit cover and just as cute. Then we ate at Hard Rock. The rest of the time we stayed at the resort. They had 3 different restaurants or room service and pool side service. One night Tom and I went to the French restaurant. They serviced us a 5 course meal that was delicious (except for the duck, in my opinion, Tom liked it). The best part of the trip was just unwinding and getting our batteries recharged. Everyone has been asking about the Swine flu and we were there while the outbreak was going on, but got there right as it was starting. We weren't reading the paper or watching much TV to realize anything was going on until we heard about it the day we were leaving. I don't know if it had affected the area we were in much up to that point, but we didn't catch it. We are past the incubation period, so if we get the Swine flu it will be from some one locally.
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We came back to a sick grandma. Tom's mom wasn't feeling well when we got home. The night before they were suppose to go home she was doing really bad so we sent her to the ER. She had a sinus infection and was treated so at least she started feeling better quickly and made it home okay. Tom and I have been busy this week trying to catch up and put out business fires that happened while we were gone. I have been working early morning to late night several times this week and ended up needing to work on Saturday as well. Because of that we have been trying to make up for it with spending after work time doing fun things with the girls. Plus, they have been extra clingy this week after having left them. It has been really warm here, in the mid-80's, so we have taken them over to the Birkdale Fountains a couple of times. Friday we took them over to play for a bit, then they had live music playing. We dressed the girls and let them go over to listen. They were having a ball! There was an area in the middle where all the kids were dancing. Audrey got out there and started going in circles and getting dizzy and taking out kids every few minutes as she fell. Then she would get right back up and start over again. It was so funny. I am surprised she could even get up again after going in circles that long. She became the entertainment for most the parents.

We have also been trying to spend more time outdoors with the great weather. I want my kids to get out and play rather then just stay inside and watch TV all day. Plus Daisy needs the excercise. These are shots from our backyard.

Today I finally took pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. Tom's mom was able to get the "burned" type stain out of Ella's easter dress. (See here for explaination) I also took a picture of the house from the direction I usually come home. A lot of our plants are starting to flower and the pansies we planted back in November are still looking beautiful, and it just makes me happy to come home. Our day lillies will start to come out soon too and I just can't wait. I thought I would share the view that makes me so happy to come home.


The McKinleys said...

first of all, i'm SO glad you guys had a good, safe time in mexico (and you didn't get the swine flu!) those pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and you guys look great! second of all, your girls are adorable! i know they get that all the time...but seriously. if our baby is half as cute as your kids, i will be happy :) we love you guys! and can't wait for you to come out west so we can all play!

Tara said...

I am glad to hear you didn't contract the swine flu. You know me-I have been somewhat freeking out. I bought a bunch of hand sanitizer, fever reduction medicine, kept my kids home from school one day when I heard someone there had the flu. I know, I know I need to calm down. No need to worry-I have. Last week I was ready to home school the rest of the year if it meant potentially protecting the kids from the "deadly" flu. You see what the media does to us mothers when they blow things out of proportion. I know that there are a lot of people getting sick, but 150 reported deaths as opposed to the actual 8 deaths. That's a big difference!

It looks like you had a fantastic time! Love all of your pictures.

Lorilee said...

So i am pretty spaztic because those stinkin smilebox things you do don't open for me so I never get to see your pics. I do however LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Audrey in the water. the one with the huge smile is priceless.
The easter dress pics are darling too. I am glad you are still alive.

Ben said...

Greta...your story would have been even more exciting if you had said you DID catch the SWINE worry everyone for a few days, and then say it was just a joke. I'm just sayin! Great pics of that arch and the beach...Tom looks hot in a tank top...has he been hanging around A-Rod?!
Tell Henry Schein to have the next retreat to Jeju Island in Korea so I can come hang out wit y'all!

Andrea said...

Greta...welcome back! You were definitely missed in blogosphere! I am SO glad you didn't get the swine flu...although I think you would be better off with the swine flu rather than the regular flu!

Jessieksj said...

SOOOO awesome! Next time we will have to meet you there :)


What an awesome trip! We actually are going to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) in June and am way excited! To relax! Except our kids will be with us so maybe it will be a little less relaxing, but still fun! :)

Love the pics of your girls laughing and having fun and your yard looks beautiful. I also love blooming flowers!

Meagan Briggs said...

I love those pictures! I love love love their bathing suits! How cute!! The fountains are the best part about summer so I am glad you are using them often! And I am jealous. AND those easter dresses??! So adorable. I can't believe how grown up those girls are.