Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Week's Ella-isms

I am one of the Faith In God Girls leader. For those of you that aren't familiar with our church, or this calling, I help plan and supervise a bi-weekly activity for 8-11 year old girls. We were doing a service activity tonight of planting flowers at the church as well as disinfecting and cleaning all the nursery toys. Tom had a late appointment so I had the girls with me. The girls took late naps today so we had to rush to pick up the flowers and I stopped at Arby's to get the girls dinner. They LOVE Arby's. Ella asks for it for every meal. It is on the healthier end of fast food so if we do have to have drive-thru food, it is usually Arby's for the girls, just the sandwhich no fries. Ella can literally eat a full regular roast beef by herself. They had their pick 5 going on right now. I needed a drink, so it was cheaper to get 4 Jr. Roast beef and drink (2 jr for ella, one for Audrey and one for me) then one Jr., a regular and drink. Anyway, it was a small drink (12 oz) and it was in a short cup. Ella saw it and said "Mom, that drink is too small for you. I's need it. It's not too small for me." It was Pepsi. There was no way she was getting it, but it sure made me laugh. The way her mind reasons makes her a good candidate for a lawyer.I tend to forget she is just 2. On the way to the church we stopped to pick up a new car seat because Tom's car still has Audrey's rear facing infant seat and it was time to upgrade. We got a pink seat and Ella kept bringing it up over and over again. "I love the new pink seat mom" repeated 30 times or so. I finally told her "Ella, you make me tired". She replied, "I's don't make you tired. I's make you laugh." Well, she definitely was accurate this time.


Lorilee said...

So you would think that a 2 year old that can put away a whole roast beef sandwich would weigh more that 23 lbs. BTW she makes me laugh too.

Greta said...

She probably does now. It was last time we weighed her that she was 23 lbs. It has been a while though I haven't done any red-neck weigh ins.

Ben said...

I would think that a BoJangles meal might be better for the girls than Arbys! Speaking of, I really miss their fries with honey mustard! Mmmm!