Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still In Hibernation....

Tom was at the gym late last night and ran into our next door neighbor. Guiermo asked Tom if we still even lived here since he hasn't seen us since October. Not even Daisy! YES, we are still here. In the winter, it is hard to find us. It is both mine and Tom's very busiest season for work. It doesn't really slow down much until middle of February for us. The girls have practically lived at Cassie's lately. It is a good thing she loves them and they love her. (Audrey wanted me to hold her the other day and I said I couldn't hold her while driving. She thought for a minute and then said, ok mom. Cassie will hold me.) I also got called as Primary President in October and so I have been juggling that whole responsiblity and work. It has been a lot but I feel our family has really been blest. I know I am super behind on my blog and of course like everyone have great intentions to catch up but I came to a bump in the road because I am missing our cable to the camera. I even have a few of these and I can't find a single one. I promise I am working on it since Halloween pictures haven't even been posted yet! I just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive but may not be out of Hibernation until spring.

Along that note, in spring I would really like to take a family trip somewhere we haven't been on the East coast. So for my East Coast friends, let me know what you like about the area you live, or your favorite place here in the East, what there is to do there and of course great restaurants. If we choose your location you may even get a visit from the Hindmarshes!


Amy Joy said...

Pick me:) We live by Philly and NYC! Really what more can I say. I really liked D.C. but I think it would be better when the girls are older. Philly has a please touch museum. We haven't been to the museum or NYC. Let me know if you come our way.