Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay after starting to look at all my pictures I am realizing HOW far behind I am. Sorry dear family and friends. I thought I would post a few just fun pictures that we took this fall. These are all from late September and early October.

All the girls hanging out. I thought I better capture the moment since Ella is actually in pants. It is one of the very few times we have gotten her in jeans. We only can get her in pants maybe once a month and even then it has to be something pink, but this time we got full fledged jeans, but we did need a pink shirt.

When Audrey was about 9 months old she starting climbing everything. Tom and I laughed that one day Ella would be the mastermind and talk Audrey into climbing to get what she wanted and then she would be smart enough to open it. Well these pictures are pretty much that coming to fruition. The only difference is that Ella actually climbed the counters too. The picture on the left is the girls getting into "hidden" halloween candy. On the right Ella is eating half a pan of brownies that I told her she couldn't eat. Where was mom I am sure you are thinking. Both of these pictures were taken while I was showering. I am working on getting up before the kids to shower now.

Both girls got a pair of these super cute brown boots this fall. Audrey calls them her Boots the Monkey. I seriously love this picture.

The girls outside enjoying one of the last enjoyable fall days before it started turning cold. I have such prissy girls but I sure do adore them. I know that these days won't last much longer. Ella is starting to loose her baby face. I still love to sit and stare at Audrey's baby hands and face since I know it is going to be gone way too soon.


Cori said...

Love the boots & diaper picture. Too cute. Your girls are darling! It's crazy to think that last time I saw you, you were pregnant with Ella! Miss you guys!