Saturday, January 9, 2010

Super STAR

At the mall near us, they have put the Build A Bear right next to the play area. (Super smart marketing and location!) Ella saw a Pink Unicorn she HAD to have. Well, like most kids their age, our kids have way more toys then they need. So instead of running out and getting her the Unicorn, we told her she could earn it. We created a Star Chart and she earned a star whenever she helped clean up, was nice to her sister, helped her mom and went potty. I wish I could say Tom and I were more consistant with actually giving her the stars but she really did good and she had a GREAT attitude with helping. She earned her last star right before Grandma and Gramps got her so we loaded everyone up and headed to the mall. Ella loved the whole process of choosing the unicorn, the sound button, watching them fill her with LOVE aka stuffing. Audrey just wanted the finished product without needing to interact with anyone she didn't know.

Choosing her sounds button and having it put in the Unicorn.

Ella got to push the pedal to fill her up. She actually ended up filling up Audrey's bear too. Notice Audrey clinging to Grandma in the background.

Here we are registering, naming and getting their birth certificates. Ella named the Unicorn Sweetheart and Audreys bear is Ted Bear. (I know original but she wanted to name him.)
Here they are with their finished product. We were so glad that Tom's parents were here to see the joy in Ella's eyes. Well, and to hold and shield Audrey from any strangers. She will warm up people outside the family some day.


Lorilee said...

I love it! Ashlee has that same unicorn. Is that the famous STAR chart that Audrey peeled all of Ella's stars off of? Hilarious.

Tara said...

Your girls are adorable as always. Unlike your Audrey, my Audrey will not stop talking to people we don't know and tells them our entire life story in a matter of minutes. I'm not sure which is worse.

That's a fun idea. I definitely need some new incentives around here for good behavior. Your hair is so long. Was it that long when you were here?

How was your Thanksgiving in Utah. We really need to talk. Don't you think?

Amy Joy said...
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Melanie said... fun for kids...and what a smart incentive for your girls. I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this idea with me. We are working on a chart for Emma. So far she is responding well to it! WOO HOO!