Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trick Or Treat

Halloween morning Tom's parents headed home. We loved having them here. We got ready for the big sugar extravaganza later that day. I swear Halloween is my kids favorite holiday. They still don't totally get Christmas, but Halloween they get. Ella went as a butterfly and Audrey as a giraffe. I think Audrey's face looks so tiny in this costume. It is amazing how much more like a baby she looks when she doesn't have hair showing. This year we both took the girls and just left the bowl on the porch. That is pretty common on our street with so many young kids.
Here are the girls getting ready to set out and watching all their friends come by. Ella loved handing out candy.
Daisy watching everyone come by and hoping someone drops some candy on the ground. **No sad face here Lorilee**
Here are the girls heading up to get some treats. I wish you could see how big Audrey's rear end really looked in that costume. It was so cute. It was at least double her body size.

The girls checking to see how they fared.

Ella with her favorite...M&Ms.
Not long after we got home we decided to run and grab some dinner so we wouldn't have pure sugar on empty bellies. It started downpouring right as we pulled out of the driveway. It was flood type rain. When we got home our candy bowl was completely empty. Since Treat or Treaters had given up with the rain, I am sure some teenagers just came and dumped the entire bowl in their bags and ran. Good thing I didn't need anymore sugar in the house. We had plenty.


Lorilee said...

The girls are so stinkin cute. i love love love the giraffe costume. Your mom would have loved it too.

Jessieksj said...

too cute. we had the hotdog costume and giraffe costume too! great minds think alike :)