Thursday, March 4, 2010


December seems so long ago, like 3 months ago! I know I am a slacker. But it is fun looking through old pictures. I have some great videos too, but I haven't had time to actually play with them and figure out how to upload them. Some are pretty large and we mostly took video of Christmas morning. Sorry girls. Hope someday you can forgive me for lack of pictures.

December always starts out with bang and tons of Holiday Parties. The highlight of the year is the Ugly Sweater party. We are in the third year of this party and it is so much fun.

Tom and I posing for our "formal shot".

Cassie and Shawn and Shawn with Tom.

Shawn and Heather took home the award this year for Ugliest Sweater. Everyone had to do a catwalk to showcase their great looks. And Paige and Curtis gave the worst gift this year again. A live mouse. It is a GOOD thing Heather got that and not me. I know Curtis was hoping I would get it, but I would probably never go to the party again or talk to Curtis. The funniest thing is right after this party we headed over to our neighbors who throw a very formal party. I warned her we were party hopping and probably would be under dressed but she told me to come anyway. The only thing uglier then these sweaters are wearing them to a formal party. Good thing our neighbors like us!!

Every year we go to Birkdale to see the dancing bears and the Christmas tree. We were going to see Santa and he closed early!! Can you believe that?? We enjoyed playing in the fake snow that was more like bubbles. The girls could stay all day and watch the bears but it was pretty cold so we only stayed about 1/2 hour. Starbucks always gets great business from the outdoor park and I LOVE their carmel apple cider. I needed something to warm me from this cold winter.

It wasn't nearly as cold on Christmas Eve when we went back to talk to Santa. Afterwards the girls danced by the tree getting excited for the coming night.

The girls got to open their "dress" jammies on Christmas Eve. I love that Audrey is still wearing her shoes with hers. The girls loved the jammies and actually went to bed at a reasonable hour. Tom and I learned our lesson and this year nothing needed to be put together on Christmas Eve.

A picture of all the stash before it was opened. Sorry for the lack of pictures while opening presents. Just think of the tasmanian devil and that was Audrey and wrapping paper. We had a great Christmas. We had the Bole and Manwill's over for dinner later that night and I think the girls enjoyed the friends as much as the gifts. We are so grateful for wonderful family and friends.


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

I seriously can't get over how big Ella and Audrey are. Holy cow. We definitely need to get together this summer because we will be in NC from mid-April to Beginning of August!!! yayayyyyy! Getting out of rexburg for GOOD!