Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh What a Difference a Year Makes

The weather man has been brutal to us this winter. Having grown up in Vegas, I have loved Charlotte's relatively mild winters. So far this year it has snowed FOUR times. FOUR. I always look forward to spring, but this year I am aching for it.

The girls have really enjoyed having a little change in the seasons though. The first snow storm came in and I was a little nervous. We had heard it was going to be a big one. It happened to be in January and it was Charlotte Restaurant week. Tom and I had already had reservations and Mickey and Mooch (which is an upscale restaurant not far from our home) and we had plans to meet a coworker of ours and his wife for dinner. When I left to pick up the babysitter the snow hadn't started and this is what I came home to.

I had been a little worried about how the girls were going to be in snow this year. Last year they hated it, see Audrey's picture from last year.

Compared to this year. (yes, she is eating snow)

The girls crack me up. While I was gone picking up the sitter, Tom was upstairs getting ready while the girls finished up dinner. He heard the doggie door and figured Daisy was going to see what was going on outside. A few minutes later he hears the door again, (No surprise since Daisy is not a fan of the cold and doesn't stay out long) but instead of Daisy he hears "Whoa, that is cold out there" followed by giggling. He ran downstairs to see the girls heading back outside minus jackets! He got them all bundled then headed out with them. When Holly and I got home we found them outside having a ball. Literally. They were eating snowballs and throwing them for Daisy to chase.

The next day Shawn and Cassie came with the kids and everyone played in the front yard. The girls loved making Snow Angels. I have some great video but I decided to post what I had ready.

It snowed again the next weekend. No pictures of that snow fall since the novelty of snow was over.
A few weeks later, it snowed again, although not quite as much. Tom helped the girls build their first snowman. After he first time it snowed Audrey would call any snow she saw, Snowman. If she saw any on the ground she would yell "Snowman Mama!" Now when she sees snow, it if all "Snowflakes". "I see Snowflakes everywhere mama."
It snowed again this week and I didn't bother to take pictures. It was mostly a dusting and I am tired of snow. I am ready to come out of hibernation and see our neighbors again.