Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3rd Time's A Charm

Two weeks ago we had surgery....again. Audrey's tubes have been such a problem. They failed again. The amount of antibiotics this child has taken is ridiculous. We have been having two week checks with the ENT to see if her ears are clearing, getting x-rays of her head for adnoids, etc. The doctor determined she has huge adnoids and that could be the cause of her tubes failing. The result: Surgery to remove her adnoids and a third set of tubes for her ears.

Ella was havign issues of her own. Her tubes weren't coming out on their own like they should. In fact as the tube tried to push out of her ear, it was causing tissue to be irrated and force the tube in. We had her ears checked and although her hearing was fine, it was causing a small hole in her eardrum. The result: Surgery to remove her tubes.

Tom and I loaded the girls up and we all wore our jammies to the surgery center. They give the kids some medicine before they take them back for surgery. They have told me in the past it is to calm them and make them feel comfortable with leaving their parents and going with strangers. One nurse said it is like having a shot of tequila. All I can say is Audrey was funny and Ella is an emotional drunk. Audrey was just out of it. Ella was laughing one minute then crying about nothing and inconsolable the next minute. We have some video which is pretty funny. We took it with the camera and Audrey saw the camera and just kept saying "cheese". I would load the video, but ofcourse I am having problems doing it. It was so nice having Tom with me. He helped both girls directly out of surgery. I was still in pre-op with Ella when Audrey came out and then when Ella went in I took Audrey so Tom had Ella right after her surgery too. Audrey came out with blood coming out of her ears and nose and foaming a little at the mouth. I'm glad she was mostly cleaned up when I got to her. Ella had a hard time coming out of her anestesia and wasn't very pleasant and Audrey refused to drink, which they really like them to do before they release you. We finally got the okay for release and the nurses kept coming over and telling me what an amazing husband I had and how great he was with the kids as they came out of surgery. He would snuggle and sing to them to calm them down. I know how amazing he is but it is sometimes nice to hear from strangers. What a great dad. It took Audrey several days to recover but she is starting to sleep pretty consistantly through the night and if that continues the surgery will be well worth it!


Christian and Jennifer said...

How crummy for your sweet girls! I hope they are doing okay after their surgeries!

Erica said...

Those stories are so funny! Your girls crack me up!
Sorry to hear about the problems with the tubes. Since this is an old post and I have just gotten around to reading blogs - I am glad that they are well now!