Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

The Saturday before Easter we decided to take the girls to a place called Rural Hills to go on an Easter Egg hunt. The girls really loved it and we had several of our friends from church there too. It was their first year hosting the Egg Hunt so it wasn't too crowded which was nice. They also did something a little different. Their eggs were empty then you came back and turned them in for candy. Ella is still very cautious about walking on uneven ground (ie, grass, any type of slopes, leaves, etc). So Tom grabbed Audrey and I took Ella. The empty eggs were a plus for us because the girls got a lot of candy even though Ella only collected 8 eggs. (Did I mention cautious??) After hunting for eggs we went home and got to listen to General Conference. What a wonderful time of year. My favorite talk was probaby Elder Ballard. I was just so inspired.

On Sunday we were able to listen to conference then the girls went with Tom to pick up Tom's brother Todd from the airport. Todd came out for a week to see us. While they were gone the Easter Bunny showed up. He brought the girls gardening gloves and their own shovels. There were fun braclets, rings, and dinosaurs in the eggs. They loved it! I decided we need to have Easter Egg hunts more often. It pushed Ella a little out of her comfort zone but she goes out willingly if she knows she is getting something in the bargain. And she did much better then just 8 eggs at home.