Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ella turned FOUR yesterday (Sept 8). What a joy she has been in our life! I can not remember life without her. She wakes up so happy still. Every morning she tells me "It is a sunny happy day." She started doing this two years ago and it has become a habit. I love how loving, snuggly, and considerate she is. She hates feeling like you are mad at her and will try to make things right. I love her little spirit. She loves going to church and learning about Jesus and the Holy Ghost. (He is her favorite right now.) She loves praying and likes to be the one to say EVERY prayer. I love that she would still let me rock her to sleep and baby her (although I don't do it often anymore).
She is starting to get so big. She can open the door to the car, get in and buckle herself in (although she still needs help with the bottom buckle). Her chores are to put her own jammies, panties, and socks away, put away shoes, and set the table. She always brings her own plate to the sink when she is done.

Ella has always been able to reason things out. Sometimes I think she is going to be a lawyer. We had to go to Target the other night and she asked if she could have a Reeces' PB cup. I told her that she could but there are two in a package so she could have one and Audrey would have the other. She said, "Well, okay. Or we COULD just get Audrey her own. There are a lot of them over here and it would make her feel special to have her own." I thought the lady behind us was going to turn purple from trying not to laugh. She makes us laugh without trying constantly. She hates when we laugh though and gets embarrassed that we laugh. Ella loves to have friends over and play with other kids, but she can be shy when she feels like she has drawn attention to herself.

Ella, we love you so much. You are a great big sister, a wonderful friend and an amazing daughter. We love seeing you grow and the beautiful person you have become. You are such a special part of our family.

We had a party for Ella on Saturday and invited her whole primary class. Ten kids when you include Ella and our Audrey.

Daddy's special homemade cupcakes with pudding frosting.

She had a great time with all her friends and many of them stayed to watch the football game after. She thought all the people who came were her just for her birthday.

On her actual birthday opening Grandma and Gramps gift. (sorry for the bad lighting)

Our friend Jenny is going to be watching the girls one day a week while I work. Her daughter is Audrey too. I think our girls are going to have a GREAT time playing together. And our Audrey thinks it is funny that she is "little Audrey".


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Ella! She is growing up TOO fast!

And seriously do NOT get me started about Audrey's hair. I fa-reeeeaked out when I saw those braids. She is such a little girl!!!

Ben and Taryn said...

Cute Skirts ;) Happy Birthday Ella!!

The McKinleys said...

happy birthday to little ella bug!! she is getting so big and SO dang cute! oh my gosh, we miss you guys!!

we should skype sometime soon!


Ben said...

WOW...four years old already?! Amazing, how old am I now? HA!