Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Blinked....

and somehow my babies have become little girls. Today was both of their first day at Preschool. They got into Lake Norman Baptist Church Preschool. (Here a lot of the churches have preschools which helps them pay for the building and it provides great schools for the community.) LNB is a great school and I was so lucky to get both my girls in. They have been on a waiting list since Feb and it is really hard especially to get into a 2 year old program, but somehow we got Audrey in and then it worked out to get Ella in as well. We left this morning without the camera. My camera wasn't saving the picture for some reason so I was able to get a couple pictures when I came to pick the girls up. I couldn't get them to stand together though!

Audrey and her class with Miss Cindy and Miss Betty. (They have a 4:1 ratio)

Ella outside her class. She has Miss Melissa and Miss Starr (a 5:1 ratio)

Leaving school using the backpacks. Gotta love the wheels.

After school was out we met up with Ella's friend Emma and got some ice cream to celebrate the first day of school. We went up to Carolina Cones. The girls liked the ice cream but loved the train that circled around on the ceiling and they especially loved the carousel outside.


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Sounds like #3 is coming sooner than I expected :-) lol

Just kidding. I love those two! They are soooo big I can't believe it.

Greta said...

Don't go starting rumors.