Monday, September 6, 2010

Super Y

Holiday Season started at our house on Saturday. That is right, BYU played their first game of the season. We always have pre-season chat going on about how we are going to do against other teams, how new recruits are going to do, etc. This year with BYU and the Independant chatter, the excitement was at a whole new level. (By the way, we are huge fans of the Independant decision.) We also always have an open door policy for games. We like everyone to have a place to feel comfortable to come watch the game. The first game we seem to have the most people show up. This year was no different. We actually ended up with 65 people that came. They didn't all come at the same time, and most didn't stay the entire time, but we had the majority of everyone here for the first half. It was really fun and we had tons of great food. From hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, pull pork sandwiches, salads, chips, salsa, dips, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and more! The game was great. It was close enough that you wanted to pay close attention, but most importantly they won. Everyone kept saying the next day, "Sorry there were so many people there. Was your house trashed? " Actually we had everything cleaned up including food put away and dishes done within 20 mins of the game being over. We are already looking forward to next week vs Airforce. Rise and Shout, the Cougars are out.......even on the East Coast.

*PS. As for the name of the post, anytime Audrey sees the Y (on t-shirts, hats, the mountain) she calls it Super Y. We love it, so at our house BYU has been renamed Super Y. It was actually the first letter she learned to recognize.