Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Audrey

So I am soooooo behind on my blogging, but we really did celebrate Audrey's birthday. With Thanksgiving so close to her birthday and our busy season for work we decided to keep it low key and went to Chuck E Cheese with the Hinmans and Burtons. When we were telling Audrey we were going to Chuck E Cheese, she would get mad saying it was HER birthday not Cheese's birthday. Her whole attitude changed once we got there. She LOVED it. The kids had so much fun on the rides and the pizza didn't taste as much like cardboard as I remember. Now is it more like edible paper..... anywhoo, the kids had a awesome time. I think the giant horse you could ride was probably the biggest hit for my girls. Audrey asked to go to Chuck E Cheese again every day for weeks and weeks. Sorry about the quality of pictures. My camera just couldn't make up for the terrible lighting.

Audrey, Happy 3rd Birthday sweetheart! You are such a big girl now and I am missing my baby. Here are just a few things I love about you:
  • You love dressy dresses. Sunday is your favorite day just because you get to glam it up.
  • You still love to snuggle mom.
  • You get mad when people call you nicknames. You are Audrey. You don't even like being Audrey Hindmarsh and get very upset when we tell you that is your name.
  • You love to dance like there is no tomorrow.
  • You sing at top volume.
  • You love to play with others but you are just as content being by yourself.
  • You still love mommy best, but daddy is starting to make some good headway.
  • You love to torment Daisy.
  • You are potty trained. Hurray!
  • You are eagar to share. I love how willing you are to share with others.
  • You love to feel like you are "big". And I am getting a little sad that you aren't much of a baby anymore.

We love you Audrey!


Anonymous said...

your girls are both so beautiful! Just like their momma!

Tara said...

She's so cute Greta. So funny, my Audrey doesn't like being called nicknames either {although she tolerates me calling her Juney or Junebug}. And she is most definitely a mama's girl {always has been}. Must be something in the name.