Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mixing Business and Pleasure

Tom and I rarely take trips unless they are somehow related to visiting family or combined with work. In May both NC and SC have their dental conventions at Myrtle Beach. We decided to take the girls with us to the SC show. I had to be there a day early to help train some supply reps so while I was working Tom spent the day with the girls at the beach. Our hotel was right on the beach so they just walked down.

The girls running to the water.
Running away from the waves.

Playing in the waves and Audrey in the mud. Their favorite game is when Tom and I would lift them up and into the crashing waves.

We took the girls to Broadway at the Beach, which has a bunch of stores, food and rides. We thought since we were taking the girls to Disneyland later in the summer we would see how they did on these ride first. They LOVED them. The car ride seems tame from the pictures but they go in an oval and at the turns it whips the car around really fast. The girls couldn't stop giggling. I have also yet to meet a carousel the girls don't like.

The big conference center in Myrtle Beach is at the Kingston Plantation which is a Hilton Property. The conference center is part of the Embassy Suites. Adjacent to Embassy are Hampton Inn, Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort, and Hilton Timeshare Properties. All the hotels have their own pools and beach access since they are beachfront properties. When you stay at any of the Hilton's you get access to any of the hotel pools. Each of them have fun pools to play at and a boardwalk that connects all the hotels together. The Embassy has an amazing water park type pool and includes a kiddie pool and lazy river. My girls love the water park even though they don't love going on the slides and getting water dumped on them. The lazy river was their favorite. Our hotel has the pool with the rock and waterfall and sandbar in the pool (yes the sandbar is meant to be there). Besides being a little windy and a chance of a tornado that never came to fruition, we had a great vacation and the girls got their first tan lines of the season.


Meagan said...

THat looks like so much fun!!!

Audrey's hair is SOOO long. It is unbelievable!!

Lorilee said...

K. I am loving their sunglasses. Such cute girls.