Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Ella Dictionary

Ella speaks a lot. Too much most of the time. She is a typical girl. BUT, there are a few things that may require a translator, so here I am....

Bear Milk -
It has a picture of a bear on it. She got addicted back in the non-eating days and I needed something that would give her nutrional value. It is a full meal substitute and rather expensive. Now that she eats, she still insists on having Bear Milk, so I add a few drops to her regular old whole milk.
Monkey Milk -
Nutripals by Pediasure
It has a picture of a Monkey inline skating. This is Pediasure, but not a full meal substitute. It is does have a lot of the same nutients, but you couldn't totally replace a meal with it. It is quite a bit cheaper though so we are trying to get her to like Monkey Milk. I also just add this to her regular old whole milk.

Tiger Cereal -
Frosted Flakes
Who doesn't love Tony the Tiger. She has always had a thing for Tigers anyway, so that is probably what motivated this new fascination with frosted flakes. This is her new favorite food. She wants it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Princess Dress - This is obviously any dress, the more frilly the better. But it can also be dressy shirts that she thinks constitute as a "dress". So you may have a princess dress with jeans. Pink being her favorite. T-shirts DO NOT PASS for a Princess Dress.

Pink Treats -
Pink M&Ms
These were bought to be potty treats but she has not been too good about that, so they have become the best way to bribe her to do ANYTHING.

I am sure I will think of some more as soon as I post, but you never know when you will need your Ella dictionary.


Meagan Briggs said...

"Bear Milk"....I'm glad she's not saying "crack" because I know thats how we all feel about it!! MIss you guys!

Amy Joy said...

I like pink treats. We still talk at dinner about the things Emma and Tyler used to say. It goes by so fast. I really try to live it up.